Project Description

CATS (Contract-based Air Transportation System) is a multi-national project co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme (2002-2006), led by Frequentis AG. The consortium is composed of nine organisations: Frequentis, EEC, AFC, Unique, University of Leiden, ETH, University of Trieste, ENAV and SKYSOFT-ATM.

The CATS project proposes an integrated decoupling ATM organization, where all the actors negotiate and agree on their own objectives. This organization is based on the breakdown of responsibility between the different actors. The transfer of responsibility among them is now explicit and formally contracted. This will reinforce the arrival punctuality.

The new ATM paradigm proposed by CATS is based on SESAR concept and proposes one of the possible implementations of the Business Trajectory, namely the Contract of Objectives (CoO). This proposal introduces an innovative way of managing ATM by mutually agreed objectives leading to a market-driven ATS.

It addresses the entire air transport supply chain by reconciling operational links between air and ground services and thus enhances efficiency by increasing the predictability of ATS. Objective assignment and negotiation are carried out on the basis of the Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) process with a view to establishing the operational agreement (the right balance between productivity and safety).

A guarantee of results is offered to the airline by the air traffic system to ensure punctuality at destination.

The trade-off process, driven by actors' interests and constraints, will reinforce autonomy and responsibility, while allowing a high level of integration between all stakeholders and consistency of the ATM organization, in order to optimize the use of their scarce resources.

The main concerns are operational improvements and airspace users' benefits. The aim of the concept of operations is to improve system efficiency by means of enhanced collaboration focused on the same goal, namely respect the schedule.

European Union

The CATS project is co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme.

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